Shariq and Abhinay are evicted from Bigg Boss Ultimate, as Kamal Haasan bids farewell

With the double-elimination and host Kamal Haasan’s shocking revelation, Bigg Boss Ultimate had an exciting episode today (February 19, Saturday). The two popular competitors, Shariq Khan and Abhinay, have been expelled from the Bigg Boss Ultimate house. Kamal Haasan, on the other hand, presented his final episode today and announced his departure from the show, much to the delight of the audience.

Shariq and Abhinay are the two competitors that garnered the least number of votes among the housemates who were nominated last week, according to sources close to Bigg Boss Ultimate. For the past two days, rumours about Shariq’s eviction have been circulating. The dismissal of Abhinay from the show, on the other hand, startled the crowd.

Saturday’s Bigg Boss Ultimate episode began on an unexpected note when presenter Kamal Haasan revealed that this would be his final Bigg Boss episode. After being a part of the popular show for the first five seasons on television and the first season on OTT, it has been reported that the veteran actor has finally left it. Kamal Haasan has opted to leave the show in order to concentrate on his film and political activities.

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