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Suzhal: Wallwatcher Films, Bramma G, and Anucharan Murugaiyan are the directors and producers of the Indian Tamil-language crime thriller web series The Vortex, which Pushkar-Gayathri created for Amazon Prime Video. The actors in the show include Sriya Reddy, R. Parthiban, Aishwarya Rajesh, and Kathir. 

The web series’ first season consists of eight episodes and premiered on June 17, 2022. Sam C.S. composed the web series’ music, Mukeswaran handled the filming, and Richard Kevin did the editing. The television show is an inquiry into the issue of a missing person that pulls apart and unravels the intricate social fabric of the little town of Sembaloor, a fictional location in Tamil Nadu.


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A population that worships Goddess Angalamman resides in the imaginary town of Sambaloor, which is located in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. They all participate in a festival called Mayana Kollai, during which a narrative takes place over the course of ten days. The others board the vessel to search for the kidnapped person.


  • Aishwarya Rajesh as Nandini and Kathir as Sub-Inspector Chakravarthy (Sakkarai).
  • As for Shanmugam, R. Parthiban,
  • Sriya Reddy plays Inspector Regina Thomas.
  • As for Nila, Gopika Ramesh
  • Adhisayam, played by Fredrick Jhonson
  • Harish Uthaman plays Trilok Vadde.
  • Prem Kumar plays Vadivelu.
  • Guna Elango Kumaravel.
  • As for Lakshmi, Nivedhithaa Sathish
  • As for Devi, Indumathy Manikandan
  • Latha Rao plays Selvi.
  • Mukesh Vadde, played by Yusuf Hussain
  • As Pushparaj and Nitish Veera,
  • Kothandaraman is Santhana Bharathi.
  • Mekha Rajan is a psychiatrist.
  • Eeshwaran, played by Palani Murugan.
  • as in Malar and Soundarya
  • As for DSP Manimaran, Ajith Koshy
  • Navneeth Krishnan plays Gani.
  • As Mani, Yashwanth Babu
  • G. Ajith Kumar, Kandipan.
  • As for Dheena, Hareesh SS
  • Sasi Kumar plays Arivu.
  • As for Muthu, Arun Pandiyan
  • Sundaram, played by Prasanna Balachandran,
  • Mona Kakade as a physician


Some of the world’s top investigative shows have their focus on a tiny community. The idea of a crime occurring in an area where everyone knows each other is inherently compelling. Every small-town crime mystery worth its salt mainly relies on the organic translation of plausibility into suspicion. Suzhal shares many similarities with some of the genre’s renowned forerunners, including Broadchurch, Fargo, Mare of Easttown, and, of course, our own Drishyam.

This does not, however, imply that Suzhal is any less intriguing or unoriginal; rather, it is this familiarity that helps us warm to the town of Sambalur and its people, who all seem to be hiding at least one secret.Pushkar and Gayatri, the show’s creators, take their time to fully flesh out each of their characters and skillfully sprinkle in red herrings from time to time. They make the most of the medium. Suzhal’s main three plotlines are as follows:

On a random day, a cement plant that supports the residents of Sambalur catches fire, and police officers Regina and Chakaravarthy a ka Sakkarai (a restrained Kathir acing it) are on the case to figure out what happened. Two, the elder daughter, Nandhini (a great Aishwarya Rajesh, who receives the mass admission designated for our heroes), returns home to help the family after Nila, the younger daughter of Shanmugham, the leader of the cement industry workers’ union (an excellent Parthiban), goes missing.

This case is also taken on by Regina and Sakkarai. Three: The town’s police department is being deployed to provide security for the traditional Mayana Kollai celebrations, which are now taking place. The narrative choice of Mayana Kollai being intercut with the investigation’s developments is outstanding, and it is a wonderful documentation of an event that is not frequently depicted on our screens.

Nevertheless, with the amount of law enforcement there, it is intriguing how several crimes continue to occur in a small town like Sambalur. Each of these plotlines is interwoven into the others throughout the course of the eight episodes to create a complex web of misinformation, murder, and mayhem. The investigative drama, centred on Regina and Sakkarai, is the movie’s lifeblood, and the decisions they make advance the story. However, neither the writers nor the directors fail to recognise that Suzhal is also about the supporting players.

Each of these characters has a strong character arc that is well-established by the in-depth writing, whether it be Trilok Vadde, played by Harish Uthaman, the volatile CEO of the cement factory; the young actors playing Nila and Adhisayam, the performers at the Mayana Kollai; or Shanmugam’s brother and sister-in-law, played by Elango Kumaravel and Latha Rao, respectively. Santhana Bharathi, who has a blast as the insurance investigator Kothandaraman, plays a very significant role. The majority of supporting actors who have significant roles have at least one standout scene, and they all give excellent performances to keep us interested in the different paths Suzhal leads us down.

For the longest time, Suzhal had a lot going for it, and for the longest time, it still does, with such esteemed talent in the series. There are, however, a few stumbles along the road. Suzhal has a case of the “middle episodes being bloated”-itis since they serve as an information dump and contain an excessive number of red herrings.

It is crucial to preserve the visual language of a series despite its many genre switches, and Mukesh did a great job of this in Suzhal.The first four and last four episodes have very different looks and feel to them, but the works of directors Bramma and Anucharan, who share director credits, flow seamlessly from one to the other. The score by Sam CS is also excellent, and the fact that it doesn’t become annoying despite having a few songs in it speaks volumes about the composer’s grasp of the form.

The consistent strong performances of nearly all team members are what really distinguishes this series. Shout-outs in particular go to Sriya and Kathir for playing nuanced characters who are constantly at a crossroads with their own ideas and instincts. Points for the discussions as well, because they tackle subjects like magic, death, murder, suicide, the police, mental health, and killing, among others…Suzhal is a largerly rooted flim.

The writing never wants to delve deeply into one particular thread and is content with telling a good story that incorporates all of these threads, despite there being casual asides to the prevalence of patriarchy, the significance of feminism, discussion about spirituality, discrimination among gods, and more. A particular pet complaint did surface as the credits rolled, but only because Suzhal is such an engrossing examination of the human psyche that it is all but forgotten (although I can see the bigger picture as to why they did it).

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18-episodesJUNE 7,2022


Sam C. S. is the composer of the soundtrack for this web series. There are 13 songs in the first season.



The series has been dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish and has been distributed with subtitles in more than 30 languages.


The series received a score of four out of five stars from NDTV’s Saibal Chatterjee, who also stated, “The Vortex establishes a benchmark that will take some doing to duplicate.” Suzhal is a gripping investigative thriller with several surprises in store, making it the ideal weekend bingewatch, according to Logesh Balachandran of The Times of India, who gave the series a rating of four out of five. Even though each episode lasts for nearly an hour, you won’t even blink, according to Rediff’s Divya Nair, who gave the show four out of five stars.

This multifaceted series is made even more effective by a fantastic star ensemble, according to Srivatsan S of The Hindu, who also noted that “this is a rare series where the sum and parts are equally brilliant.” In a piece for, the series was described as “a nail-biting thriller about secrets and deceptions.” The web series was deemed “the most entertaining series ever” by Latha Srinivasan of Firstpost in her review.

Despite his praise for the series for appearing to be “like a major step by the norms of Tamil soap operas,” Manoj Kumar B of Indian Express criticised it, saying that “the show’s creators have hardly scratched the surface with this kind of storytelling.”

Aishwarya Rajesh, Kathir’s series, sucks you immediately in but fizzles, according to Janani K of India Today, who gave it a 2.5 out of 5 star rating. However, she appreciated the finale, saying that “Pushkar and Gayatri’s Suzhal transmit a much-needed message in the climax, which is pertinent to society.”


A seemingly unremarkable minor case in a tiny South Indian village turns into a sinister crime drama that tears the community apart. In this complex investigative drama set against the “Looting the Grave” festival, myth and reality collide as long-buried secrets emerge and torment the living.


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