Top 10 Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time



Renée Zellweger plays Bridget Jones, a typical woman battling her age, her weight, her career, her lack of a man, and her numerous and romantic flaws. Bridget resolves to take charge of her life as part of her New Year’s resolution, and she begins by maintaining a diary in which she will always be completely honest. When her endearing but dishonest boss shows interest in the eccentric Miss Jones, the fireworks start. Bridget’s group of slightly odd friends and a disgruntled acquaintance, who Bridget can’t help but run into and find quietly attractive, are added to the mix.

  • R (some strong language/sexuality)
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Sharon Maguire is the director.
  • The producers are Tim Bevan, Jonathan Cavendish, and Eric Fellner.
  • Richard Curtis, Andrew Davies, and Helen Fielding are the authors.
  • The film was released in theatres on April 13, 2001.
  • Date of release: November 9, 2004 (Streaming)
  • $71.5 million in domestic box office revenue
  • 1 hour & 32 minutes.
  • Miramax Films and Universal Pictures are the distributors.
  • In the sound mix, Dolby Stereo, Surround, SDDS, Dolby A, and Dolby Digital are included.
  • Scope: Aspect Ratio (2.35:1)
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In the first scene of 10 Things I Hate About You, Cameron, a new student at Padua High, is seated in the office of the eccentric guidance counselor, Ms. Perky. The scene is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play “The Taming of the Shrew.” He then takes Michael, who will grow to be his best friend with romantic, on a tour of the school. The first time Cameron sees Bianca Stratford, a stunning sophomore with one restriction—she isn’t permitted to date—is on his tour.

And neither is Katarina, her “shrew” sister, a senior who despises convention, loves indie rock, and feminist literature. However, Bianca’s father changes his home rules such that Kat must also go on a date before Bianca is allowed to date. Cameron must now locate a date with Bianca in order to do so.

In order to deceive him into believing that he will get to take Bianca out if he pays someone to kill Kat, Michael assists him in recruiting pretty-boy/jerk/model Joey Donner. Patrick Verona, a bad kid with a murky history who is said to have once eaten a live duck, set a state trooper on fire, and even had a brief pornographic career, was his choice. Will Kat fall in love with Patrick? Can Cameron defeat Bianca’s? Or will everything just blow up?

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Gil Junger, director
  • Andrew Lazar is the creator.
  • Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah are the authors.
  • The film was released in theatres on March 31, 1999.
  • Date of release: January 5, 2010 (Streaming)
  • $38.2 million in domestic box office revenue
  • 1 hour and 37 minutes.
  • Buena Vista Pictures and Touchstone Pictures are the distributors.
  • Dolby Digital surround sound mix


A best-selling book about the negative aspects of love was written in 1962 by feminist Barbara Novak (Renée Zellweger). She exhorts women to pursue independence, professional success, and fulfilling romantic sex above long-term relationships with males. Despite her success, many men are shocked by her liberal viewpoints. One such man is the cunning writer Catcher Block (Ewan McGregor), who decides to expose Barbara as a liar by seducing her. But his scheme has unanticipated repercussions.

  • PG-13 for sexual humour and dialogue.
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Peyton Reed, director
  • Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen are the producers.
  • Eve Ahlert and Dennis Drake, writers
  • The film will be released in theatres on May 16, 2003.
  • 7 October 2003: Release Date (Streaming)
  • Box office revenue of $20.3 million (US)
  • 1 hour & 34 minutes.
  • 20th Century Fox is the distributor.
  • Dolby Stereo, Surround, Dolby A, and Dolby Digital are included in the sound mix.
  • Scope: Aspect Ratio (2.35:1)


A forty-year-old The prototypical geek, Andy, works as a shipping clerk at an electronics store. He enjoys playing video games and caring for his collection of action figures. He doesn’t have any true romantic pals and spends the majority of his free time by himself. He is still a virgin, despite philosophically having an interest in the other sex, as evidenced by his frequent and uncontrollable morning erections. He never intended to abstain from having romantic sex, but as he grew older, it became increasingly challenging to have his first encounter, until it eventually became a fact of his existence.

When his coworkers learn about it, some make fun of him, but Dave, Jay, and Cal form a small group and decide to help him get laid, even though they each have their own relationship problems and may not be the best individuals to offer counsel or help for romantic sex.

Additionally, Andy receives some unexpected advice from people watching his life from the sidelines. Beyond that advice, Andy must be the one to make the last transition to romantic reality because he lacks both theoretical and practical experience because he doesn’t even view romantic porn or engage in masturbation. The current woman, who should be his first love, is the subject of some of the advice he gets.

Despite that advice, he concludes that Trish, a specialty merchant with a somewhat pointless brick and mortar location across the street from the electronics store, is the lady he really wants. Andy must choose how much of his genuine self to reveal to Trish as he pursues her and eventually falls in romantic love with her.

  • R (Heavily Sexual Content, Language, and Some Drug Use).
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Judd Apatow helms the film.
  • Judd Apatow, Shauna Robertson, and Clayton Townsend produced the film.
  • Steve Carell and Judd Apatow wrote the script.
  • The film will be released in theatres on August 19, 2005.
  • 13th of December, 2005
  • Box office revenue in the United States was $109.2 million.
  • 1 hour and 56 minutes
  • Universal Pictures is the distributor.
  • Dolby SRD, SDDS, surround sound, and DTS audio mix
  • (1.37:1) Aspect Ratio


In the process of developing into an aspiring stand-up comedian, Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) meets Emily (Zoe Kazan). Meanwhile, Emily develops an unexpected sickness that needs medically induced coma treatment. While trying to figure out who he really is and what he really believes, Kumail must balance his responsibilities as a comedian, his battle with a life-threatening illness, and his family’s desire to help him find a bride.

  • R (Language: “Some Sexual References”)
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Michael Showalter is the director.
  • Barry Mendel and Judd Apatow are the producers.
  • Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, writers.
  • In theatres on July 14, 2017.
  • Date of Release (Streaming): September 19, 2017.
  • $42.9 million in domestic box office revenue
  • Two hours and ten minutes in length
  • Lionsgate Films and Amazon Studios are the distributors.
  • Dolby Digital sound mix
  • Aspect Ratio (1.85:1)


Advertising executive Benjamin Barry is in a competition with two female coworkers for a significant campaign for a diamond dealer. He makes an agreement with his rivals that if he can woo a woman of their choice in 10 days, the account will be his. As a wager with her supervisor to be given permission to write more in-depth articles, Andie Anderson enters the scene and begins to create a romantic story about how to lose a guy in 10 days. Will either side succeed in their mission given that each camp has a secret agenda?

  • Grade: PG-13 (Some Sex-Related Material).
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Donald Petrie, director
  • Christine Peters, Robert Evans, and Lynda Obst
  • Authors: Michelle Alexander, Burr Steers, Brian Regan, Kristen Buckley, and Jeannie Long.
  • The film will be released in theatres on February 7, 2003.
  • (Streaming) Release Date: July 1, 2003
  • $105.8 million in domestic box office revenue
  • 1 hour and 56 minutes
  • Paramount Pictures is the distributor.
  • Dolby Stereo, Surround, Dolby A, and Dolby Digital are included in the sound mix.
  • Aspect Ratio (1.85:1)


I am a straight-laced, meek, and introverted Chinese American. A student is forced to assist the school jock in pursuing the girl they both have a crush on. As they develop a romantic relationship in the most unexpected of locations, they teach one another about the nature of romantic love in the process.

  • PG-13 (Brief Language|Teen Drinking)
  • Genre: Lgbtq+
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Alice Wu is the director.
  • Alice Wu, Anthony Bregman, and Blair Breard are the producers.
  • Alice Wu is the author.
  • Date of release: May 2, 2020 (Streaming)
  • 1 hour & 45 minutes.


Toula Portokalos, 30, a Greek American, works at Chicago’s Dancing Zorba’s restaurant. Gus, her father, just desires that she wed a decent Greek boy. Toula, though, seeks more from life. Gus is persuaded by her mother to let her enrol in some computer studies at the university while making him believe it was her idea. After completing those programmes, she takes over her aunt’s travel agency, once more making her father believe it was his idea.

At the restaurant, she meets Ian Miller, an English teacher at a high school who is a WASP and a romantic dreamboat; they date in secret for a while until her family learns about it. Her dating a non-Greek has her father furious. He needs to learn to accept Ian, just as Ian needs to learn to accept the size of Toula’s family and Toula herself.

  • (Sensitivity | Language) PG
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Filmmaker: Joel Zwick
  • Gary Goetzman, Rita Wilson, and Tom Hanks.
  • Nia Vardalos, the author
  • Original theatrical release date: April 19, 2002
  • The film was released on February 11, 2003.
  • Box office revenue in the United States was $241.4 million.
  • 1 hour and 35 minutes
  • IFC Films, the distributor
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby A, Dolby SR, Surround, and Dolby Stereo
  • Aspect Ratio (1.85:1)


Paris Portokalos, the daughter of Toula Portokalos, is still employed by her parents’ Greek eatery. Toula and Ian are having problems in their marriage as she prepares to graduate from high school. Another wedding is planned once Toula’s parents learn that they were never legally wed. Can the family come together at this huge, massive romantic Greek event?

  • PG-13 (Some Suspicious Material)
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Kirk Jones, director
  • Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Rita Wilson served as producers.
  • Nia Vardalos, the author
  • The theatrical release date: March 25, 2016.
  • (Streaming) Release Date: June 21, 2016
  • $59.6 million in domestic box office revenue
  • 1 hour & 34 minutes.
  • Universal Pictures is the distributor.
  • Scope: Aspect Ratio (2.35:1)


An older music industry executive named Harry Sanborn has a soft spot for romantic younger women like Marin, his most recent trophy girlfriend. Things get awkward when Harry has a heart attack on Erica, Marin’s mother. A love triangle emerges when he is left in Erica’s and his doctor’s care.

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Romance and comedy
  • English is the language of origin.
  • Nancy Meyers helms the film.
  • Nancy Meyers, Bruce A. Block, and Suzanne Farwell are the producers.
  • Nancy Meyers, author
  • The film was released in theatres on December 12, 2003.
  • Release Date (Streaming): March 30, 2004
  • The domestic box office grossed $124.6 million.
  • Time: 2.5 minutes.
  • Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment are the distributors.
  • Mixing of surround sound

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