Cinema won’t give any solutions to all your problems. But, It gives the clarity to face the problems. It will instill emotions inside of you that you never knew existed before. A good movie leave impressions that lasts forever!

World cinema is a term in film theory that refers to films made outside of the American motion picture business, especially those that are critical of commercial American cinema’s aesthetics and values. Latin America’s Third Cinema, as well as various national cinemas, are frequently referred to as “world cinema.” The word has been chastised for its Americanness and for failing to recognise the diversity of cinematic cultures around the world.

Good cinema will rise the questions within you

  • It will make you to understand different perspectives
  • It will transforms you
  • It will heal you
  • It will make you to think out of boundaries
  • It will make you to cry, laugh, love, dance and celeberate
  • It will make you to accept as you are
  • It will make you to think progressive
  • It will make healthy changes around the world
  • It will rise the voices for voiceless!

Finally, You will feel the eternity!

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