A week after his return to social media amid Kanye West turmoil, Pete Davidson DELETES his Instagram account.

Pete Davidson, who just resurfaced on Instagram in the wake of Kanye West’s vitriolic attacks on him and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, has now deleted his account once more. While the comedian returned to social media a week ago, he did not share any posts and was just following Kim Kardashian and two other people, with Kim returning the favour.

Pete only changed one thing on his Instagram account recently, and that was a YouTube link in his bio. The link occurred to be a clip from the film King of Comedy, in which Rupert Pupkin delivers his famous statement, “Better to be a schmuck for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime.” Many fans imagined it was Pete’s way of getting back at Kanye.

Even during his recent Donda 2 event in Miami, West continued to take potshots at Kim and Pete. The rapper rapped about someone’s security being at stake, which looked to be linked to a private message that Kim supposedly made to Kanye about his online posts targeting Davidson.

West had previously published screengrabs of his chat with Kardashian, in which the founder of SKIMS expressed fear for Davidson’s safety in the wake of Kanye’s anti-Davidson posts. Kanye also showed a clip from Kim Kardashian’s Saturday Night Live monologue, in which she said that she was married to the best rapper of all time, at the Donda 2 event.

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