Insta Instagram song Ft. Sandy Master & Naksha Saran is Out Now!

Naksha Saran, a rising singer and YouTube sensation, has collaborated on a new music video titled Insta Instagram with choreographer Sandy. “After posting a few cover songs on my YouTube channel, I decided to make a music video.” I chose to work with Sandy Master, who is an expert at the hook step. He’s also the video’s creative director, and he made me feel at ease because I’m a novice. In the film, we share screen space for a few seconds,” says Naksha, who studied Western voice at AR Rahman’s music school.

Through mutual friends, she contacted Leo Peter, a Kannada music director, who wrote the song and lyrics. “The objective was to develop a colourful, upbeat music video with useful material… something our generation can communicate to the viewer about,” she says. The track, according to her, is about a female talking about her sentiments. “However, it is not a female-centric one.” Instead, the song is about a young person discussing their thoughts. There are new-generation slangs. She describes the project as a “four-month trip.”
Naksha, on the other hand, discloses that acting is her long-term strategy. “Acting is my major interest; singing is a pleasure for me,” the youngster explains.

This song is out now on sony music South .

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