Don Movie Review (2022)

A youngster who is still figuring out what his passion is gets into an engineering college where he clashes with a disciplinarian faculty member.


Sivakarthikeyan is a perfect fit for this role, even selling the school portions, his earnest performance in the climax actually lifts it. Priyanka Mohan does what is required for her role. SJ Suryah is splendid in a role that could have easily become caricaturish. The minute changes in his expressions add to the comedy in the first half. And Samuthirakani’s .Soori, Bala Saravanan, Vijay and Sivaangi, who play his friends provides decent performances.

The film is entertaining although there are some cliched scenes in it. There are few scenes which make you question the logic but you don’t seem to mind it because of the humour. The first half is fun filled and second half is more of an emotional one. Anirudh’s background score is the spine of the film. Cinematography by KM Bhaskaran looks bright and colorful.

Don Movie Review


They could have chopped off few scenes because the first half feels bit lengthy. This is said to be a ‘coming of age’ story but it didn’t feel like that, that part also could have been written better.

Overall, Don has 1-2 cringe portions but it does engages and entertains you with humours and emotions.

My rating: 7/10

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