Post the super success of Maanaadu, director Venkat Prabu is back with another film, this time an adult comedy entertainer- Manmadha Leelai. Written by Manivannan Balasubramaniam and produced by T Muruganantham under Rockfort Entertainment, the film has been receiving positive response from the audiences ever since it released in theatres.

Manmatha Leelai (2022) is an adult comedy directed by Venkat Prabhu, produced by Rockfort Entertainment. Ashok Selvan, Samyuktha Hegde, Riya Suman and Smruthi Venkat play the lead roles with Premji composing the music.


The story of Manmatha Leelai happens in two different timelines (2010 & 2020), showcasing Sathya’s (Ashok Selvan) two main episodes of lust. Both the episodes have unexpected outcomes. How did Sathya, the womanizer react to those situations, forms the premise of Manmatha Leelai. 


Manivannan Balasubramaniam and Venkat Prabhu have both contributed to the writing department, and they work well together. They’ve tried to go all out with youth-oriented entertainment. Manmatha Leelai has an equal number of advantages and disadvantages. Venkat Prabhu is recognised for his creative presentation, and Manmatha Leelai has been presented in a unique way. The movie takes place in two timelines at the same time, and the editing pattern used is outstanding. Manmatha Leelai takes its time entering its premises, and you will have to wait for the proceedings to commence. Despite the fact that Manmatha Leelai is an “A” certified movie, we don’t see Venkat Prabhu taking advantage of the label by showcasing filthy or sleazy scenes. The film contains lust aspects that have been handled delicately. Another intriguing feature is Venkat Prabhu’s ability to maintain tension and keep us engrossed in the picture. Some of the surprising twists and turns in the second half will keep your interest and delight you. Manmatha Leelai isn’t merely an adult film for the purpose of being an adult film. It features a plot with some fun connect-the-dots moments. Manmatha Leelai is more than an adult comedy, and you’ll have to see it for yourself to understand why. On the other hand, while some of the comedies may have looked fine on paper, they don’t translate well to the screen.This is a common misunderstanding. The film also suffers from inconsistency (at places) in terms of engagement.


Ashok Selvan gives a great performance that is both engaging and vibrant. He connects with the young audience with his amusing gestures and body language. Samyuktha Hegde receives the longest-lasting character of the three female characters, and she gives it her all. Smruthi Venkat and Riya Suman have a lovely on-screen chemistry and offer a sense of freshness to the picture. In a small role, Jayaprakash contributes quite a few laughs.


Premgi Amaren contributes a fairly supporting background score that adds to the film’s entertaining factor. The score succeeds in instilling more emotion in the scenes, which is exactly what it should be doing. The cinematography of Thamizh A Azhagan is clean, and the shot divisions are well-done. Venkat Raajen’s cuts maintain the film’s lighthearted tone throughout, with a few lags.

Overall, Manmatha Leelai has both hits and misses, but the hits are on the upper side! 

My rating: 6.5/10

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