Naradhan Movie Review (2022)

Chandraprakash, a well-known TV news anchor, comes under undue pressure from his higher-ups to bring competitive exclusives, which urges him to leave the job. When a rival media group offers him a new job, he rebrands himself into a loud, tyrannical journalist, catering to those looking for news theatrics.


Performance wise,Tovino as CP shines in the movie, portraying the narcism-driven downward spiral of his character. Anna Ben as Shaakira Mohammed gives an equally praise-worthy performance. The supporting cast gives a convincing performance, as well, but Indrans as the Municipal and later Magistrate judge stands out with his subtlety. Technical wise, the visuals and background scores by Jaffer Zadique and Yakzan Gary Pereira,
Neha Nair does a great job in setting the mood of the film well.


The slow pacing of the film do test the patience especially in the first half. I felt that maybe they could have chopped off some scenes or could have written them better. Apart from that, I personally liked the film.

Overall, Naradhan is a slowburn film with brilliant performances and a thought-provoking film about journalism .

My rating: 7.5/10
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