All the governments that have ruled the nation made laws that denied the indigenous people their way of life and their land often, protecting crony capitalist interests. The film revisits an episode of dissent in the 90s which brought up this question amongst us. A history forgotten.

  • Director
    • Kamal K.M.
  • Writer
    • Kamal K.M.
  • Stars
    • Kunchacko Boban
    • Vinayakan
    • Joju George

Based on a true incident, the film is about four men, who call themselves Ayyankali Pada, holding the Palakkad collector hostage demanding tribal land rights.

Pada has an edge-of-the-seat narrative structure from the very beginning. Even though it isn’t an extravagant plot, the build-up they created looked real and extremely convincing.

Performance wise, the four main actors are excellent, complementing each other perfectly, and making us feel sympathetic and roused, without ever being over dramatic. A special mention to Arjun Radhakrishnan, who plays collector Ajay Sripad Dange, who holds his own when literally locked in a room with our strongest actors. Prakash Raj as the negotiator did a convincing job.

Sameer Thahir’s cinematography captured the essence and mood of every frame. Vishnu Vijay’s bgms added a peculiar feel to the film.

There’s no much of negatives in the film. Maybe some might feel the movie is a bit slow.

Overall, Pada is well made hostage thriller which keeps us hooked till the end.

My rating: 8/10
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