How to Choose the Best IoT Platform for Your Project

Kimona Studio is the development environment that functions with Set up and the Kinoma Platform Runtime. Kimona Connect is a free iOS and Android app that links smartphones and stands with IoT devices. Predix was designed to target factories and provides simple ecosystem. GE wants to provide the growing industrial Internet of Things for its cloud platform. It gathers data from devices, websites, applications, and partners to trigger actions for real-time responses. Looking over the top 11 cloud platforms for Internet of Things , we highlight the importance of scalability, cost, and connectivity.

best iot platform

You can easily interact with your apps using the devices even in the offline mode. The most important feature of the AWS IoT platform is device management. Being one of the earliest IoT platforms, iot platform vendors RTI provides services and solutions across multiple industries. It provides connectivity features to control and manage Internet of Things systems and simplify communication with high-level APIs.

AWS IoT Core

With ML and AI platforms, you may forecast business consequences through the BigQuery multi-data cloud warehouse, where data is by default encrypted for security. Let’s see how the IoT device data flow would seem as an end-to-end application with distinct levels. Allows free flow of data between cloud-based applications and connected devices.

You should be open to change and adaptation, and always look for ways to improve your project. IBM’s Watson IoT is a flexible and scalable solution built upon the IBM Cloud. It allows for complete data lifecycle management with secure communication, it creates a gateway to collect data from a myriad of items. Cisco’s IoT platform includes many different features to maximize your company’s ability to manage and monitor all your devices effectively while ensuring your devices are secured against online attacks.

Who uses IoT device management platforms?

Like other similar platforms, it uses IoT sensor data for the predictive maintenance of machinery, vehicles, and other assets. Fusion Cloud also offers the real-time monitoring of supply chain vehicles, helping to quickly detect and react to bottlenecks. The LTI Mosaic IoT platform places its focus squarely on data, with its advanced data engineering features, combining state of the art analytics with IoT connectivity. The company also provides an AIOps feature helping companies in the IT operations space improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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  • Thingspeak is an open-source platform that allows you to collect and store sensor data to the cloud.
  • The technology used to manage and automate IoT devices is an IoT platform.
  • For this stage, you can also leverage hardware components like Arduino, Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, or the OEM version of CompactRIO as the core of your device.
  • The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is flexible and includes several tools that cover every facet of IoT development and design, from connecting the device to providing decision-makers insight.
  • It is ideal for running IoT projects at the edge of the network on low-cost hardware such as Raspberry Pi.

Large-scale data extraction and transformation are completed considerably more quickly than with older ETL solutions by a faster ETL and analytical alternative. A data governance portal makes it possible to search and categorize data in separate ways. Additionally, it offers encryption and anonymization to abide by data privacy laws. The most well-liked IoT platforms of this year have been compiled, along with thorough descriptions of each, to make it simpler for you to choose which one to use for your project. Intuz has a team of expert IoT developers that are highly talented and skilled to work on the IoT development project. SiteWhere runs on Apache Tomcat and is highly tuned with MongoDB and HBase applications.

IoT Platforms

All of these requirements must be in line with the budget and strategy of your business. The IoT platform aids in better understanding customers’ needs and facilitates the development of products that meet those needs. It gives organizations more intelligence and visibility into their operations, allowing for better decision-making. Google supports strong offering in containers as Google ha developed the Kubernetes standard that AWS offers now. Google Cloud platform is specialized in offering high computing like Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning.

best iot platform

Analytics platforms use sophisticated algorithms to analyze collected data and transform it into customer-actionable insights. Businesses are increasingly migrating to cloud infrastructure due to the flexibility it adds to business operations. For example, technical teams get free hosting for maintaining and managing software and hardware components. The IRI Voracity platform is fast for data discovery, integration, and analytics. Furthermore, it is a popular IoT ecosystem platform for its power to transform and analyze a device’s data streaming using MQTT or Kafka. Cisco IoT Threat Defense protects data and devices from cyberattacks through segmentation, secure remote access, analysis, and visibility.

Agile Enterprise

IBM is a fantastic example of a company utilizing cutting-edge methods for integrating artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. With a comprehensive selection of tools and services, IBM Watson IoT allows its clients to build highly effective solutions from the beginning. The core uses of the platform include financial services, government administration, marketing and advertising, machinery, and chemicals. Ultimately, the Salesforce IoT Cloud guarantees your business an in-depth view of customer data, increased sales, and improved customer experience.

best iot platform

A separate module called Predix Edge provides edge computing capabilities. It is common to think of IoT as the technology for remote device monitoring and control, and thus, to totally overlook its huge potential in building stronger relationships with the customer. Insights gathered via IoT solutions can be used to deliver more targeted and personalized services to the customer, driving greater satisfaction and loyalty. Deutsche Telekom may have not been indicted to the IoT hall of fame just yet, but with its Cloud of Things platform this German giant is among top contenders for 2021. There are several reasons why you should consider this company as an IoT solution vendor or partner.

Smart metering

The market for IoT platforms is expected to grow to be worth $747 billion by 2023, according to studies. This increase in demand is attributed to the expansion of IoT devices and other related components. Choose a monolithic architecture for a small project or go for a microservices infrastructure to build a highly scalable project.

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