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Essays on the postwar period

The essay “The White Negro” is one of the most well-known works of the postwar period. It was written by Norman Mailer, who co-founded the Greenwich Village newspaper in 1955. The essays were published between January and April 1956. The essay, “The White Negro,” is an attack on the Hipsters moral radicalism. The essay was published in Essays of the Postwar Period 1959.

Essays on dinner party rituals

Colwin’s essay, “How to throw dinner parties” explores the nuances involved in entertaining. She explores essay writer review the role of language, tone, and figures of speech during conversations. Additionally, she focuses on the relationships between words and actions, and the use of nonlinguistic sounds, such as music. Many guests might be prone to remain silent during a dinner party. This makes it difficult to comprehend and feel the words spoken.